During the Wagner Year the Flanders Opera will once again respect the time-honoured tradition of staging Parsifal at Easter. A community of drifting knights with the shared goal of the mysterious Grail are waiting for a saviour. Their leader Amfortas allows himself to be seduced by a handmaiden of the outcast Klingsor. Parsifal then appears, full of innocence but with good intentions. Is he the ‘pure fool’ who can heal Amfortas?

In an unearthly story, suffused with Christian symbolism, Wagner summarized his moral philosophy at the end of his life. He worked for 25 years on this mythical opera and it was also his last. The almost sacred music literally takes you into another world. No other opera is so susceptible to different interpretations as this epic, which lasts for more than 5 hours. Tatjana Gürbaca takes on the challenge.