From the first light of dawn until twilight, a whirlwind of events unfurls in Count Almaviva's palace. We see Figaro the valet prepare his wedding to the chambermaid Susanna, the adolescent Cherubino chase women, the count re-establish his "right to the first night", the countess lament her thwarted dreams of yesteryear and three plotters conspire in vain. And desire makes this crazy rondo turn. At the end of four fast-paced acts, which oscillate between farce and fits of blues, Figaro finally weds Susanna. Their adventures form the story for one of Mozart's most exhilarating operas. A triumph of a dramma giocoso, that is to say the type of opera buffa which developed during the 18th Century, this famous opera stays true to the subtitle of the Beaumarchais on which it is based: in its operatic form, Le Nozze di Figaro possesses the awe-inspiring frenzy of a "crazy day".