©Patrick BergerThrough wistful or passionate arias, dramatic or facetious ensembles, seven characters with their ludicrous squabbles are led to the threshold of madness. They deceive one another and desire one another in vain, and then meet after a night of insanity. In this bittersweet comedy, the characters are granted a real human dimension and a true poetic nature. This is notably the case for Violante, the marquise who is almost killed by her fiancée during a fit of jealousy and who, disguised as a gardener, finds shelter in the house of a libidinous Podestà . Mozart was 18 when he completed the score for La Finta Giardiniera, which premiered in Munich in 1775. Although he had yet to write his great later works, he had already mastered the musical forms of his time and imbued them with both a feverish theatricality and a generous humanity. And so goes this irresistibly funny and compellingly moving opera buffa.

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