After Der Turm in 2011, the Théâtres de la Ville once again support the work of a Luxembourg composer in 2013. Catherine Kontz was inspired by certain aspects of Japanese Kabuki theatre to create her first opera Neige. Based on the novel by Maxence Fermine of the same title, the story recounts the adventures of a 19th century haiku poet who comes across a blind painter, a tragic samurai warrior and a French tight-rope walker.

The multidisciplinary production features five soloists, a small female choir, a dancer and an acrobat. The music is provided by Luxembourgbased ensemble Lucilin, who impressed audiences last year in the production of The Raven and with whom the Théâtres de la Ville are thus continuing their collaboration.

As with her previous theatre work, Catherine Kontz will direct the piece herself but has assembled an impressive creative team around her from her London connections. Avant-garde studio Knifedge will create the projections and Conductor in Residence for the British National Youth Orchestra Gerry Cornelius will be in charge of the music while award-winning theatre designer Ellan Parry will be responsible for set and costumes. Together they will try to create a magical and beautiful landscape with mountains made out of fabric and cutting-edge projections inspired by Japanese painting and calligraphy.

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