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Cecilie Ore  : Adam and Eve
11, 12 Sep 2015  Other performances within 7 days and 125km
In English
A new burlesque chamber opera about fundamentalist religion and misogyny, mixing texts from the three major patriarchal religions with the Declaration of Human Rights, the Divine Comedy
Libretto: Cecilie Ore, Bibbi Moslet
Oslo, Kulturkirken Jakob

Robert Ashley  : Perfect Lives
12 Sep 2015  Other performances within 7 days and 125km
Ashley's television opera about bank robbery, cocktail lounges, geriatric love and adolescent elopement in the American Midwest
Oslo, Vulkan Arena

David Toop  : Of Leonardo da Vinci
[WP] 15 Sep 2015  Other performances within 7 days and 125km
A vision of the life of Leonardo da Vinci through the memories, prophesies and observations in his notebooks and through music, sound art, image and movement
Libretto: David Toop, after Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks
Oslo, Nasjonal jazzscene
World premiere
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Benjamin Britten  : War Requiem
[NP] 10, 13, 16, 18, 23, 25 Sep 2016; 3 Oct 2016  Other performances within 7 days and 125km
Libretto: Benjamin Britten, after Latin chants and poems by Wilfred Owen
Oslo, Den Norske Opera
Den Norske Opera
New coproduction with Theater Basel
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