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01 AprCaen. Campra: Les Fetes venitiennes (1-2 Apr).
01 AprWorld premiere Malmo. Backman: Svävande damen (1-25 Apr).
02 AprHelsinki(Opera). Saariaho: Emilie (2-9 Apr).
02 AprMagdeburg. Glass: Der Prozess (2 Apr-8 May). Kammeroper in zwei Akten; Libretto: Christopher Hampton, after Franz Kafka
03 AprWarszawa(Wielki). Moniuszko: Straszny Dwor (3-29 Apr).
03 AprWeimar. Helbig: Vom Larm der Welt (3 Apr-15 May). //
Vom Lärm der Welt
05 AprFrankfurt(Oper). Weber: Euryanthe (5 Apr-3 May).
07 AprWorld premiere Nantes. Cugny: La Tectonique des nuages (7-10 Apr). Opéra-jazz (concert premiere: Wien, 2006); Libretto: François Rancillac, after the play 'Cloud Tectonics' by José Rivera
08 AprVersailles. Lully: Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (8-12 Apr).
09 AprMadrid(Canal). Johnson: La opera de cuatro notas (9-19 Apr).
09 AprMemphis. Cipullo: Glory Denied (9-11 Apr). The story of Jim Thompson, longest held US POW in Vietnam, his captivity and the changed society and wife he finds on his release
09 AprToronto(Atelier). Gluck: Orpheus and Eurydice (9-18 Apr). Berlioz version
10 AprBratislava. Cekovska: Dorian Gray (10 Apr-14 May).
10 AprGiessen. Telemann: Der misslungene Brautwechsel (10 Apr-21 May).
11 AprBraunschweig. Herrmann: Wuthering Heights (11 Apr-20 Jun).
11 AprBudapest(SO). Taller: Leander es Lenszirom (11-19 Apr).
11 AprWorld premiere London(ENO). Davies: Between Worlds (11-25 Apr). Tansy Davies' first full-length opera, 90'; A disparate group of individuals is trapped high up in one the Twin Towers, between heaven and earth, between life and death
12 AprAvignon. Sauguet: Les Caprices de Marianne (12-14 Apr).
12 AprLeverkusen. Heinichen: Paris und Helena (12 Apr). Naumburg 1710
12 AprToulouse(Capitole). Mitterer: Massacre (12-17 Apr).
14 AprAntwerpen(Vlaamse). Halevy: La juive (14-21 Apr).
14 AprLondon(RCM). Bach: Adriano in Siria (14-18 Apr). First performance in modern times
14 AprSevilla(Maestranza). Soutullo: La del Soto del Parral (14-17 Apr).
15 AprBraunschweig. Vivaldi: Farnace (15 Apr-4 Jun).
16 AprPerm. Prokofiev: Betrothal in a Monastery (16-17 Apr).
17 AprKøbenhavn(KGL). Nielsen: Saul og David (17 Apr-9 Jun).
17 AprLille. Eotvos: Le Balcon (17 Apr).
17 AprWien(Theater). Rameau: Zais (17 Apr). Pastorale héroique en un prologue et quatre actes (1748)
18 AprAmsterdam(CG). Vivaldi: La fida ninfa (18 Apr).
18 AprBerlin(Deutsche). Berlioz: Romeo et Juliette (18 Apr-2 May).
18 AprBordeaux. Rameau: Dardanus (18-26 Apr).
18 AprFrankfurt(Oper). Pizzetti: Murder in the Cathedral (18 Apr-25 May).
18 AprFreiburg. Goldmark: Die Konigin von Saba (18 Apr-19 Jun).
18 AprLivorno. Mozart: Requiem (18 Apr).
18 AprPalermo. Adam: Le Toreador (18-26 Apr).
18 AprWorld premiere Pisa. Deri: Markheim (18 Apr).
18 AprWorld premiere Zagreb(Biennale). Papandopulo: Madame Buffault (18 Apr). Fantastical opera (first performance of the work composed in 1972)
19 AprBerlin(Komische). Schoenberg: Moses und Aron (19 Apr-7 Jul).
19 AprBerlin(UDL). Krenek: Tarquin (19-28 Apr).
21 AprLa Coruna(Palacio). Vivaldi: La fida ninfa (21 Apr).
21 AprMadrid(Canal). Guridi: El Caserio (21-25 Apr).
21 AprWien(Theater). Hasse: Siroe (21 Apr).
22 AprSão Paulo(Paulo). Golijov: Ainadamar (22 Apr-2 May).
22 AprSão Paulo(Paulo). Guarnieri: Um homem so (22 Apr-2 May).
22 AprSão Paulo(Pedro). Villani-Cortes: Poranduba (22 Apr-3 May). Manaus (2007)
24 AprFort Worth. Little: Dog Days (24 Apr-2 May). When food is short, is a man who thinks that he is a dog a pet .. or the next meal? A black comedy on the line between animal and human behaviour
24 AprWorld premiere Hof. Lewandowski: Rosen der Liebe (24 Apr-16 May).
24 AprLausanne. Fujikura: Solaris (24-26 Apr). Livret de Saburo Teshigawara, d'après le roman de Stanislas Lem
24 AprWorld premiere Odense. Pape: Andre Bygninger (24 Apr-9 May). Libretto: Rasmus Zwicki
24 AprSanta Barbara. Previn: A Streetcar named Desire (24-26 Apr).
24 AprWorld premiere Würzburg. Stabler: The Colour (24-26 Apr). Marking the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Würzburg by RAF carpet bombing, 16 March 1945; A meteorite falls to Earth and drains and deforms all life around it; Libretto: Hermann Schneider, after the short story The Colour Out of Space by HP Lovecraft
25 AprChicago(COT). Gordon: A Coffin in Egypt (25 Apr-3 May). Chamber opera, 70'; 90-year-old Myrtle Bledsoe of Egypt, Texas, looks back in a tale of memory and murder, racism and recrimination; Libretto: Leonard Foglia, after the play by Horton Foote
25 AprDortmund. Handel: Saul (25 Apr-26 Jun).
25 AprMalmo. Francesconi: Quartett (25 Apr-29 May).
25 AprRegensburg. Handel: Saul (25 Apr-16 Jul).
25 AprSan Diego(Opera). Martinez: El Pasado Nunca se Termina (25 Apr). The Past is Never Finished
26 AprBerlin(UDL). Telemann: Emma und Eginhard (26 Apr-10 May).
28 AprAngers. Cugny: La Tectonique des nuages (28-29 Apr).
29 AprWorld premiere Bielefeld. Kampe: Dacher. Platze. Wege. Leute. (29 Apr-3 May). Musiktheater für ein utopisches Bielefeld
29 AprGent. Halevy: La juive (29 Apr-6 May).
29 AprToronto(Operetta). Davies: Earnest, The Importance of Being (29 Apr-3 May).
30 AprBarcelona(Liceu). Verdi: I due Foscari (30 Apr-3 May).
01 MayBoston(Handel). Haydn: The Creation (1-3 May).
01 MayEnschede. Gluck: Orphee et Eurydice (1-3 May).
01 MaySan Francisco(EP). O'Regan: Heart of Darkness (1-3 May).
02 MayBraunschweig. Heggie: Another Sunrise (2 May-28 Jun). Ein Grab in den Lüften; Drei Musiktheaterwerke über den Holocaust
02 MayBraunschweig. Heggie: For a Look or a Touch (2 May-28 Jun). Ein Grab in den Lüften; Drei Musiktheaterwerke über den Holocaust
02 MayDresden(Operette). Strauss: Cagliostro (2 May-7 Jun).
02 MayFort Worth. Thomas: Hamlet (2-10 May).
02 MayWorld premiere Gera. Harneit: Alice im Wunderland (2 May).
02 MayKiel. Hosokawa: Matsukaze (2 May-18 Jun).
02 MayWorld premiere London(Linbury). Rogers: The Virtues of Things (2 May).
02 MaySt Gallen(Theater). Benjamin: Written on Skin (2 May-5 Jun).
03 MayAvignon. Thomas: Hamlet (3-6 May).
03 MayBerkeley(Opera). Verdi: I due Foscari (3 May). Part of West Edge Opera's 'Medium Rare Opera' season exploring rare operas by great composers in concert; Piano: Jonathan Khuner
03 MayBonn. Anderson: Thebans (3 May-4 Jun). Libretto von Frank McGuinness
05 MayVersailles. Rameau: Dardanus (5-6 May).
06 MayMadrid(Zarzuela). Boccherini: Clementina (6-16 May).
08 MayRiga. Puccini: Le villi (8 May-18 Jun).
08 MayWien(Theater). Milhaud: La mere coupable (8-17 May).