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24 setAnnaberg-Buchholz. Raymond: Saison in Salzburg (24 set-30 dez).
24 setEstréia mundial Berlin(Komische). Sendil: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (24 set-26 dez).
24 setWien(Theater). Handel: Ottone, re di Germania (24 set).
25 setParis(Comique). Purcell: Miranda (25 set-5 out).
27 setKyiv. Rakhmaninov: Aleko (27 set).
27 setPerm. Massenet: Cléopâtre (27 set).
27 setWien(Theater). Porpora: Ariadne auf Naxos (27 set-10 out).
28 setEstréia mundial Como. Vetrano: Ettore Majorana (28-30 set). Vincitore Concorso Internazionale Opera Oggi
28 setMarseille. Alagna: Le dernier jour d'un condamné (28 set-4 out).
28 setRiga. Liepins: Turaidas Roze (28 set-17 dez).
29 setMeiningen. Ligeti: Le Grand Macabre (29-30 set). Mit Solistinnen und Solisten des Luzerner Theaters
29 setStrasbourg(Musica). Moultaka: La Passion selon Marie (29 set).
29 setToulouse(Capitole). d'Albert: Tiefland (29 set-8 out).
29 setVenezia(Fenice). Krenek: Cefalo e Procri (29 set-7 out).
30 setInnsbruck(LT). Gluck: Orphée et Eurydice (30 set-8 nov).
30 setLugo. Netti: La Filli (30 set). //
it Two pairs of lovers mistakenly believe themselves to be brothers and sisters
30 setMönchengladbach. Gluck: Orpheus und Eurydike (30 set-13 nov).
30 setMoscow(Helikon). Rebel: Pirame et Thisbé (30 set-1 out).
01 outSt Petersburg(Chamber). Planquette: Les cloches de Corneville (1 out).
03 outDresden(SSO). Berlioz: Les troyens (3 out-3 nov).
03 outDusseldorf. Resch: Gullivers Reise (3 out-11 jul). Empfohlen für alle ab 8 Jahren
04 outLeipzig. Humperdinck: Knusper, Knupser, Knäuschen (4 out-23 fev).
04 outNordfjordeid. Sunde: Sildagapet (4-15 out). Family opera set in the herring fishing town of Måløy in the 1950s; Libretto: Jostein Avdem Fretland
04 outWien(SO). Prokofiev: Der Spieler (4-20 out).
05 outBuenos Aires(Colon). Scelsi: Khoom (5-8 out).
05 outMoscow(Bolshoi). Weinberg: The idiot (5-8 out).
05 outOslo(DNO). Mander: The Life to Come (5 out). Libretto: Stephen Fry, after the story by EM Forster //
en A strong love story between two men across cultures, addressing spiritual and religious conflicts in the tension between prejudices and freedom.
06 outBergamo. Vetrano: Ettore Majorana (6 out).
06 outEkaterinburg. Glass: Satyagraha (6 out-16 nov).
06 outErfurt(Theater). Gluck: Orpheus und Eurydike (6 out-27 dez).
06 outLondon(ETO). Rameau: Dardanus (6 out).
06 outMannheim. Spoliansky: Wie werde ich reich und glucklich? (6 out-8 jul).
06 outOlomouc. Nedbal: Vinobraní (6-26 out).
06 outTallinn(Opera). Handel: Rinaldo (6 out).
06 outZagreb(CNT). Zajc: Nikola Šubić Zrinjski (6-10 out).
07 outAmbronay. Draghi: Le Tremblement de terre (7 out). Opéra sacré, 1682
07 outLugo. Orlandini: Serpilla e Bacocco (7-15 out). //
en The inveterate gambler Bacocco disguises himself as a judge to hear his wife's case for divorce, and throws her out after she responds to his flirting
07 outLugo. Ristori: Fidalba e Artabano (7-15 out). //
en Artabano is attracted to the peasant-girl Fidalba, but she is only interested in the money and life at court
07 outMalmo. Delibes: Lakmé (7 out-12 nov).
07 outMoscow(SND). Prokofiev: Betrothal in a Monastery (7 out-11 dez).
07 outSt Petersburg(Mariinsky). Shchedrin: The Enchanted Wanderer (7 out).
08 outEstréia mundial Berlin(Deutsche). Reimann: L'Invisible (8-31 out).
08 outEstréia mundial Berlin(UDL). Ronchetti: Rivale (8-22 out).
08 outNürnberg. Berlioz: Les troyens (8 out-26 nov).
10 outBloemfontein. Debussy: Impressions de Pelleas (10 out). Jan Michiels, Inge Spinette (piano)
10 outEkaterinburg. Weinberg: Die Passagierin (10 out-14 nov).
11 outLeeds. Janacek: Osud (11-20 out). The Little Greats
11 outMoscow(Chamber). Shostakovich: The Nose (11 out).
11 outTartu. Lill: Into the Fire (11 out-29 abr).
12 outAmsterdam(NO). Cavalli: Eliogabalo (12-26 out).
12 outGuanajuato. Rasgado: Anacleto Morones (12 out).
13 outBloomington. Chabrier: L'étoile (13-21 out).
13 outBrescia. Vetrano: Ettore Majorana (13-15 out).
13 outLugo. Caldara: La morte d'Abel (13 out). Oratorio (1732)
13 outPalermo. Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur (13-22 out).
13 outWarszawa(Wielki). Rozycki: Eros i Psyche (13-19 out).
14 outDublin(OTC). O'Dwyer: Eithne (14 out).
14 outLeipzig. Kunneke: Die grosse Sünderin (14 out-11 fev).
14 outPisa. Donizetti: Pia de'Tolomei (14-15 out).
14 outEstréia mundial Plzen. Kubicka: Jakub Jan Ryba (14-31 out).
14 outWien(Volk). Verdi: Die Räuber (14 out-11 dez).
15 outBonn. Schoeck: Penthesilea (15 out-14 dez).
15 outEstréia mundial København(KGL). Azarova: Momo og tidstyvene (15 out-10 dez). Libretto: Anna Bro, after Momo and the Time-Thieves by Michael Ende
17 outBuenos Aires(Colon). Eotvos: Tres hermanas (17-24 out).
17 outSt Petersburg(Mariinsky). Prokofiev: Betrothal in a Monastery (17 out-6 mar).
18 outLondon(SBC). Handel: Semele (18 out).
18 outMoscow(Chamber). Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (18-19 out).
18 outParis(Athénée). Jarrell: Cassandre (18-22 out).
18 outEstréia mundial Paris(Comique). Manoury: Kein Licht (18-22 out). Une œuvre inspirée de la catastrophe de Fukushima sur un texte d'Elfriede Jelinek
18 outSt Petersburg(Mariinsky). Rakhmaninov: Francesca da Rimini (18 out).
19 outBratislava. Halevy: La juive (19 out-20 abr).
19 outCremona. Vetrano: Ettore Majorana (19-20 out).
19 outMagdeburg. Frid: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (19 out-12 nov).
20 outMoscow(Chamber). Telemann: Pimpinone (20 out).
20 outWexford. Foroni: Margherita (20 out-4 nov).
20 outEstréia mundial Wexford. Synnott: Dubliners (20 out-1 nov). Libretto: Arthur Riordan //
en A double bill of two one-act operas, based on the short stories Counterparts and The Boarding House from James Joyce's Dubliners
20 outZagreb(CNT). Gotovac: Ero the Joker (20 out).
21 outAmsterdam(CG). van der Aa: Sunken Garden (21 out).
21 outBilbao(ABAO). Verdi: I masnadieri (21-30 out).
21 outEdmonton. March: Les Feluettes (21-27 out).