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02 outAmbronay. Mozart: Requiem (2-3 out).
02 outCottbus. Egk: Peer Gynt (2 out-28 dez).
02 outKöln. Hasse: Leucippo (2-11 out).
03 outCardiff(WNO). Rossini: Moses in Egypt (3-5 out).
03 outChemnitz. Orff: Der Mond (3 out-5 dez).
03 outKharkiv. Gulak-Artemovsky: Zaporozhets za Dunayem (3 out).
03 outOlomouc. Nedbal: Polska krev (3 out).
03 outPécs. Ranki: The Emperor's New Clothes (3 out-27 nov).
03 outPoznan. Kassern: Comedy of the Dumb Wife (3-9 out).
03 outPraha(Estates). Myslivecek: L'olimpiade (3-16 out).
03 outStara Zagora. Handel: Acis and Galatea (3 out).
03 outVilnius(LNOBT). Narbutaite: Cornet (3 out-18 abr).
03 outWroclaw. Eotvos: Angels in America (3-4 out).
04 outAmsterdam(NO). Chabrier: L'etoile (4-26 out).
04 outBruxelles(Monnaie). Schubert: Schwanengesang (4-5 out). Alain Franco (Piano)
04 outDresden(SSO). Ronnefeld: Die Nachtausgabe (4-29 out). Opera piccola in fünf Aufzügen (30 August 1956; Salzburg)
04 outGdansk. Statkowski: Maria (4-5 out). Libretto: Roman Statkowski, after the verse-novel 'Maria' by Antoni Malczewski
04 outKiel. Lully: Atys (4 out-26 abr).
04 outRostov. Ptichkin: The Country Wives' Revolt (4 out).
05 outBerlin(UDL). Stemann: Rein Gold (5 out-24 jun).
05 outNancy. Britten: Owen Wingrave (5-11 out).
05 outVersailles. Rameau: Les Boreades (5 out).
05 outWroclaw. Krauze: The Trap (5 out).
06 outWashington(Lafayette). Rameau: Les Fetes de l'hymen et de l'amour (6 out).
06 outZagreb(CNT). Zajc: Nikola Subic Zrinjski (6-18 out).
07 outMoscow(Bolshoi). Tchaikovsky: The Enchantress (7-10 out).
08 outBaku. Hajibeyov: Asli and Karam (8 out).
08 outSt Petersburg(MT). Halevy: La juive (8 out).
09 outLima(Romanza). Soutullo: La del Soto del Parral (9-18 out).
09 outLondon(SBC). Rameau: Anacreon (9 out).
09 outLondon(SBC). Rameau: Pigmalion (9 out).
09 outPraha(Narodni). Fibich: Pad Arkuna (9 out-18 abr).
09 outSaratov. Taneyev: Oresteia (9 out).
09 outEstréia mundial Szeged(Armel). Tutino: Le braci (9 out). Opera in one act; Libretto: Marco Tutino, after the novel 'Embers' by Sándor Márai
10 outEstréia mundial London(Linbury). Glass: The Trial (10-18 out). Libretto: Christopher Hampton, after the novel by Franz Kafka
10 outSzeged(Armel). Henking: Figaro¿ (10 out).
10 outToulon(TM). Delibes: Lakme (10-14 out).
10 outTourcoing. Charpentier: David et Jonathas (10-12 out).
10 outEstréia mundial Umeå. Gothe: Blanche & Marie (10-25 out).
11 outEstréia mundial Hildesheim. Kats-Chernin: George (11-18 out). A fictionalised account of the mounting of a Handel opera; Commission to mark the 300th anniversary of the Hannoverian succession to the British throne
11 outPamplona(AGAO). Arrieta: Marina (11 out).
11 outRadebeul. Leoncavallo: Edipo Re (11 out-29 jan).
11 outWien(Volk). Cerha: Onkel Prasident (11-27 out).
12 outMinsk. Petrova: Winnie-the-Pooh (12 out). Libretto: Olga Tsekhnovitser, after the children's story Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne
12 outMinsk. Rakhmaninov: Aleko (12 out).
12 outSzeged(Armel). Kerek: Parody (12 out). One act chamber opera
12 outSzeged(Armel). Krcek: Clothes the World Has Never Seen (12 out). One act chamber opera; Libretto: Jaroslav Krček, after the play of Věra Provazníková, itself after the fairly-tale by HC Andersen
12 outTartu. Aints: Rehepapp (12 out-23 mar). Opera in two acts (Tartu, 2013); Rehepapp Sander tries to influence those around him to be better people, but when times are hard people think more selfishly; Libretto: Urmas Lennuk, after the novel by Andrus Kivirähk
13 outParis(CE). Rameau: Castor et Pollux (13-21 out).
14 outLondon(RO). Verdi: I due Foscari (14 out-2 nov). On 27th October, Live cinema relay
14 outNew York(Gotham). Martinu: Alexandre bis (14-18 out). A man shaves off his beard and pretends to be his own cousin to test his wife's fidelity .. with unexpected results; Comic opera in one act
14 outNew York(Gotham). Martinu: Comedy on the Bridge (14-18 out).
14 outNürnberg. Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots (14 out-15 nov).
14 outSzeged(Armel). Birtwistle: Punch and Judy (14 out).
14 outVersailles. Rameau: Le Temple de la Gloire (14 out).
15 outBaku. Mahomayev: Shah Ismail (15 out).
15 outBilbao(Arriaga). Rossini: L'equivoco stravagante (15-19 out).
15 outMoscow(Chamber). Shostakovich: Nos (15 out).
15 outMoscow(SND). Rubinstein: The Demon (15 out).
16 outComo. Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur (16-18 out).
16 outGuanajuato. Monteverdi: Madrigales guerreros y amorosos (16-17 out). Bromas y Lamentos
16 outHannover. Gretry: Die Schone und das Biest (16 out-14 jan). Junge Oper ab 8 Jahren, nach Zelmire et Azor von André Ernest Modeste Grétry
16 outKharkiv. Lysenko: Natalka Poltavka (16 out).
16 outOstrava. Janacek: Vylety pane Brouckovy (16 out-31 mai).
16 outWroclaw. Orefice: Chopin (16 out-21 nov).
17 outHof. Frid: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (17 out-8 nov). Klavier: Roland Vieweg
17 outLille. Rameau: Castor et Pollux (17-25 out).
17 outLodz. Moniuszko: Straszny dwor (17 out-10 dez).
17 outReims. Sauguet: Les Caprices de Marianne (17-18 out).
18 outBaden bei Wien. Straus: Ein Walzertraum (18 out-29 nov).
18 outKarlsruhe. Krasa: Verlobung im Traum (18-25 out).
18 outLondon(ETO). Handel: Ottone (18 out).
18 outMainz. Hartmann: Simplicius Simplicissimus (18-30 out).
18 outOlomouc. Ullmann: Pad Antikrista (18-31 out). First performance of the original version in the Czech Republic, marking the 70th anniversary of the death of Ullmann
18 outSplit(CNT). Gotovac: Ero s onoga svijeta (18-20 out).
18 outZurich(Knopfloch). Castelnuovo-Tedesco: L'importanza di esser Franco (18-26 out).
19 outBaku. Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires (19 out).
19 outGiessen. Vaage: Someone is Going to Come (19-31 out). Kammeroper; Libretto: Jon Fosse, after the play by Jon Fosse
19 outGuanajuato. Haydn: Filemon y Baucis (19-20 out).
19 outLeverkusen. Handel: Giove in Argo (19 out).