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Em destaque
Antwerpen(Vlaamse). Handel: Agrippina (23 mar-4 abr).
Estréia mundial Auckland. Farr: The Bone Feeder (23-26 mar). The Bone Feeder explores the mysteries, traumas and gifts of migration, home and belonging.
Caen. Rossi: Orfeo (23-24 mar).
Charlottesville. Shearer: Middlemarch in Spring (23-24 mar).
Estréia mundial Amsterdam(NO). Fairouz: The New Prince (24-31 mar). Niccolò Machiavelli finds himself in 2032, asked to update his book The Prince for its 500th aniversary. 'A blood-curdling revue about power'
Basel. Xenakis: Oresteïa (24 mar-27 mai).
Brno. Saariaho: Love from afar (24 mar-5 abr).
Honolulu. Heggie: Three Decembers (24-26 mar).
Madrid(Real). Handel: Rodelinda (24 mar-5 abr).
Manchester(RNCM). Handel: Theodora (24 mar-1 abr).

Traduzido por Antonio Roque Citadini e Antonio Alexandre de Lima

Acknowledgements: 'Apresentações': London(RO) - The Minotaur - 17 janvier 2013 - en // 'Teatros de ópera': Teatro Comunale Chiabrera

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