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"Without Operabase it is very clear that casting would become even more difficult than it already is.  For example, we have just now had a cancellation and it enabled me to find out not only who has recently sung the rôle but what those singers are doing during the period of our performances.  It enabled me to plan my opera scouting trips very easily and more accurately than in the past.  What has been so useful is the accuracy of the information."

Jonathan Friend
Artistic Administrator, Metropolitan Opera

"It has become an indispensable tool and we in the artistic team at Glyndebourne use it constantly.  The more information the better."

Steven Naylor
Director of Artistic Administration, Glyndebourne

"The Operabase Professional database puts an enormous range of information at your fingertips.  At the Royal Opera House we find it an invaluable resource which we turn to especially on those crisis days when a singer is sick and a replacement needs to be found.  The comprehensive listings are a real boon."

Elaine Padmore
Director of Opera, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

"This is an excellent service, of great use to all of us who work in Opera"

John Mordler
Directeur, Opéra de Monte-Carlo

"We use these tools and databases frequently and they are of immeasurable help as we discuss casting for our future seasons.  It is wonderful to have such a wealth of artist information at our fingertips.  A direct link to a manager's site and contact information would also be of great help."

David Levy
Assistant Artistic Administrator, Washington National Opera

"I'm using your databases all the time.  These are the most reliable websites on artists and casting."

Tore Dingstad
Casting director, Den Norske Opera

"J'adore ton outil de travail.  Il est complet, efficace, et j'aime le fait qu'il soit régulièrement mis à jour."

Isabelle Masset
Directeur de l'Administration Artistique, Opéra national du Rhin

"Votre outil est effectivement très utile, notamment lorsqu'on doit remplacer dans l'urgence un chanteur malade.  Nous pouvons ainsi très rapidement voir les artistes qui ont le rôle à leur répertoire et les localiser, ce qui peut parfois sauver un spectacle."

Christophe Bezzone
Administrateur de Production, Grand Théâtre de Genève

"Nous utilisons Operabase quasi quotidiennement.  merci pour vos infos régulières"

Valérie Chevalier
Conseiller Artistique, Opéra de Nancy

"A very useful and complete tool indeed, and I happen to use it regularly, many times a day."

Valerio Tura
Administrateur Artistique, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie

"On behalf of Scottish Opera, I would like to say that I find Operabase an extremely valuable tool that I refer to frequently. We would welcome any additional information regarding artists that could appear on the website."

Nicolas Zekulin
Artists' Manager, Scottish Opera

"I can tell you that we use the information on a daily basis - and I frankly would often be stuck without this wonderful tool.  WE AT THE ROYAL DANISH OPERA ARE FANS!!"

Henrik Engelbrecht
Head of Dramaturgy, Royal Danish Opera

"The Operabase Casting tool is one of the most useful services the internet provides for our profession.  I use it almost daily."

Sven Mueller
Künstlerischer Betriebsdirektor, Opera Graz

"It's our number one resource; the first place we turn either in an emergency or in calmer times.  The breadth and depth of information available at the touch of a button was inconceivable five years ago - the site sums up all that the internet was designed for.  Opera Planning and Casting are much easier!"

"I find Operabase absolutely invaluable.  We use it all the time to check where artists might be performing, who has sung/conducted/performed roles before and roles in preparation and access biographies etc when we need them at short notice.  It is easier and quicker to access information this way and especially when you need some information for a conductor or director at short notice.

Operabase has made our job in the Planning and Casting much easier and much quicker! We would be lost without it!"

Laura Canning & Isabel Murphy
Welsh National Opera

"Operabase è l'opera senza confini!"

Alessandro Gilleri
Direttore di Produzione, Teatro Verdi di Trieste