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Benefits for Casting Directors
Operabase Professional provides a fully comprehensive global database of artistic activity and representation for artists in opera, supporting every step in the casting process from the selection of artists from their work record and repertoire, to the contact details of the relevent manager.

Artist Services feature list :

  • Performance records back to 1996, cross checked with houses for final actual casts.  Casting tool searches role information from 440,000 performances.
  • Search tools are designed to give the maximum 'correct' responses, recognising the names of opera and roles in multiple languages, being forgiving of accents, case sensitivity and different transliterations, and supporting alternate names, allowing you to find an artist under a former or an alternate stage name.
  • Display listings include the names of producers and conductors against each performance, the language that the role was sung in.  Links to the complete performance details to get list of other cast members
  • Contact info and links to artist manager and personal websites are shown together with details of the territories covered by each manager.  Up to date information from over 320 agency rosters.
  • Artists can also enrich the listings with additional information.  Artists can add brief biographies and pictures, and show role and company debuts to provide a fuller picture of career development.  They can also list roles that they would like to sing in the future, and note roles that they have retired from their repertoire. 
  • Name checking service: accents on letters, use of upper and lowercase, transliteration used.