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Operabase provides a comprehensive, transparent, global listing of artist activity and representation, and links singers with past and future roles.  The better the information we have on you, the better the job we can do for you, for your manager and for the casting directors.

Contacting an artist
All of the contact information that we are able to provide is visible on the site, and we cannot pass on messages.  Sorry!
Correcting a name
We build the artist schedules from information received from hundreds of opera companies.  Perhaps someone has spelled your name incorrectly?  perhaps you have changed your stage name?
  Send a correction or an alternate name to Mike at <operabase.artistweb@gmail.com>
Adding a personal website
Give our public and professional users a link to your personal website so they can find out more about you.  We have found that pages in social media sites and management companies change too frequently, so:
  • we don't accept addresses in Facebook or VK, YouTube or Vimeo, LinkedIn or Xing ...
  • we don't accept addresses within an agency site.  (If you need to add an agency to your page, see Changing management details)
  Send your personal website address to Mike at <operabase.artistweb@gmail.com>
Changing management details
To offer the best information to the casting directors, we would like full and accurate information on your management.
  To add a manager's name.  This can only be done on the request of the manager themselves, so please tell them to request or make an update by visiting [the agent FAQ page]
  To remove a manager's name: email Mike at <operabase.artistweb@gmail.com>, and we will:
  • update the details on your page, and
  • email each of the affected agents to tell them of the change
Adding other performances, repertoire, biography, photos, ...

  Read more about the Operabase ProArtist service.