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30 Oct 2016-10 May 2017 La traviata Novaya Opera, Moscow (D:Sigalova)
Novaya Opera Theatre
Mar-Jun 2016 La traviata Novaya Opera, Moscow (D:Sigalova)
Mar 2015 Faust Rostov State Opera, Moscow (D:Isaakyan)
Jan 2015 L'orfeo Perm Opera (D:Isaakyan)
Oct 2013-Feb 2014 One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch Perm Opera (D:Isaakyan)
Oct 2013-Jan 2014 L'orfeo Perm Opera (D:Isaakyan)
Sep 2013-May 2014 Die Zirkusprinzessin Rostov State Opera, Rostov-on-Don (D:Tsiryuk)
Aug 2013-May 2014 La traviata [ c ] Novaya Opera, Moscow (D:Sigalova)
Oct 2012-Jun 2013 La traviata Novaya Opera, Moscow (D:Sigalova)