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deAlemanha  7870 (81.758m)
usEstados Unidos  1886 (308.746m)
atAustria  1443 (8.356m)
frFrança  1297 (65.822m)
itItália  1261 (60.419m)
Total number of performances by country, for the 2011/12 season. In brackets, the national populations in millions. NB: figures for countries outside western Europe and North America (particularly Russia) will be too low, as it is difficult to get accurate and complete information for them.
As Operabase collected about 21,000 performances in this season, Germany is mounting about one third of all opera performances globally.
Países, per capitaTop
atAustria172.7 (1443 /8.356m)
eeEstónia103.0 (138 /1.340m)
chSuiça97.4 (758 /7.786m)
deAlemanha96.3 (7870 /81.758m)
seSuécia65.2 (610 /9.354m)
isIslândia50.3 (16 /0.318m)
czRepública Tcheca49.7 (531 /10.675m)
noNoruega41.3 (204 /4.938m)
huHungria38.7 (387 /10.000m)
10 skEslováquia33.9 (184 /5.430m)
The number of performances per million citizens. In brackets, the total number of performances and the population in millions.

1de (#1)Berlin  570  (3.44m)
2at (#1)Wien  566  (2.00m)
3uk (#1)London  436  (8.28m)
4fr (#1)Paris  393  (10.20m)
5cz (#1)Praha  368  (1.25m)
6us (#1)New York  362  (18.22m)
7ru (#1)Moscow  352  (10.56m)
8de (#2)München  334  (2.61m)
9de (#3)Dresden  327  (0.78m)
10de (#4)Hamburg  281  (1.77m)
11hu (#1)Budapest  264  (2.52m)
12se (#1)Stockholm  231  (1.25m)
13au (#1)Sydney  223  (3.64m)
14ch (#1)Zurich  205  (0.37m)
15ru (#2)St Petersburg  203  (4.88m)
16de (#5)Köln  185  (1.00m)
17pl (#1)Wroclaw  177  (0.63m)
18de (#6)Frankfurt  175  (2.29m)
19es (#1)Madrid  172  (3.26m)
20de (#7)Stuttgart  168  (1.80m)
The number of performances in each city, in the 2011/12 season. The figure given in brackets is the urban population (the population of the contiguous built-up area) in millions.
Measured by the number of opera performances in the 2011/12 season, the most operatic cities were Berlin (with 594 performances), Wien, London, Paris, and München (in position 5), followed by Prague, New York, and Dresden. 

Since our first set of statistics, Berlin has lost the Berliner Kammeroper, and Wien has lost the Wiener Kammeroper and the Musik Theater Schönbrunn. As the Wien companies were significant ones in terms of numbers of performances, Berlin overtakes Wien to be the city with most opera.

Of the top 100 most operatic cities,

  • 45 are in Germany
  • 7 in Austria
  • 6 each in Switzerland and Italy
  • 4 in Poland
  • 3 in the US, and in Russia
  • 2 in the Czech Republic, in Spain, in the UK and in Australia

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