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Abraham, Paul (1892-1960)
Die Blume von Hawaii  (NP) 14 jul-1 sep 2018; Lehár Festival Bad Ischl
Roxy und ihr Wunderteam  (NP) 31 may-27 jun; Komische Oper Berlin
Viktoria und ihr Husar  (concert) 23-30 dic; Komische Oper Berlin
Adams, John (*1947)
Girls of the Golden West Cultures and personalities collide during the crucible of the California Gold Rush  28 feb-17 mar; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Johannes-Passion  (concert) 29 mar; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Kaffee-Kantate  (concert) 12 abr-23 oct 2018; Moscow, Helikon Opera
Matthäus-Passion  (concert) 19 abr; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Balducci, Giuseppe (1796-1845)
Il noce di Benevento Melodramma in due atti; Prima esecuzione italiana in tempi moderni;  2 sep; Jesi, Festival Pergolesi Spontini
Bates, Mason (*1977)
The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs examines the people and experiences that shaped one of the most influential figures of our time  23 feb-9 mar; Seattle Opera
Bellini, Vincenzo (1801-1835)
Adelson e Salvini  23 sep; Catania, Teatro Massimo Bellini
Benatzky, Ralph (1884-1957)
Meine Schwester und ich  (NP) 6 abr-13 may; Volksoper Wien
Berlioz, Hector (1803-1869)
L'enfance du Christ  (concert) 14 dic; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Les troyens  (NP) 25 ene-12 feb; Opéra National de Paris
Roméo et Juliette  6-10 sep; Deutsche Oper Berlin
Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990)
Wonderful Town  (NP) 9 dic-11 mar; Volksoper Wien
Blanchard, Terence (*1962)
Champion The story of Emile Griffith, the closeted gay welterweight boxer whose knockout of a homophobic rival led to unexpected tragedy  26 ene-2 feb; Montreal, L'Opéra de Montréal
Bohlin, Jonas (*1963)
Tristessa  (WP) 6 oct-1 nov; Stockholm, Royal Swedish Opera
Bolcom, William (*1938)
Dinner at Eight A socialite puts together a society dinner but her guests have tangled financial and romantic problems  20 oct-4 nov; Wexford Festival Opera
Braein, Edvard Fliflet (1924-1976)
Anne Pedersdotter  (concert) 14-17 jun; Oslo, Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976)
Billy Budd  (NP) 18 ene-16 feb; Oslo, Norwegian National Opera & Ballet  23 abr-10 may; London, Royal Opera
Let's Make an Opera  3-4 nov; Sarasota Opera
The Burning Fiery Furnace  (concert) 21 sep; Glasgow, Scottish Opera
Casablancas, Benet (*1956)
L'enigma di Lea  (WP) 9-13 feb; Barcelona, Gran Teatre del Liceu
Catán, Daniel (1949-2011)
Florencia en el Amazonas  18 ene-3 feb; Houston Grand Opera
Cavalli, Francesco (1602-1676)
La Calisto  17-26 mar; Teatro Real de Madrid
Chapí, Ruperto (1851-1909)
La Revoltosa  20-23 dic; Montevideo, Teatro Solís
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine (1643-1704)
Actéon  25 oct-3 nov; Toronto, Opera Atelier  30 nov-2 dic; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Les Arts Florissants  7 jul; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Cherubini, Luigi (1760-1842)
Ali-Baba  (NP) 1-27 sep; Milano, Teatro alla Scala
Coppola, Anton (*1917)
Lady Swanwhite Although she is meant to marry the king, Lady Swanwhite falls in love with his son. Will there be a fairy-tale ending?  (WP) 9 feb; Opera Tampa
Davies, Peter Maxwell (*1934)
Cinderella The au pair girl Cinderella, aided by the house cat, finds a happy ending in this 50' opera for and by children aged 8 and up.  (NP) 10 nov; Oslo, Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
De Giosa, Nicola (1819-1885)
Don Checco  17-24 nov; Napoli, Teatro di San Carlo
Dennehy, Donnacha (*1970)
The Second Violinist What does he do when he goes home?  6-8 sep; Dublin, Irish National Opera  7-9 mar; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Destouches, André Cardinal (1672-1749)
Issé Apollo, disguised as the shepherd Philémon, pursues the nymph Issé, while Pan takes an interest in Doris.  (concert) 13 oct; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Donizetti, Gaetano (1797-1848)
Enrico di Borgogna  (NP) 23 nov; Teatro Donizetti Bergamo
Il castello di Kenilworth  (NP) 24 nov-2 dic; Teatro Donizetti Bergamo
Lucrezia Borgia  24 ene-3 feb; Toulouse, Théâtre du Capitole
Dostal, Nico (1895-1981)
Prinzessin Nofretete  9-31 mar; Oper Leipzig
Dukas, Paul (1865-1935)
Ariane et Barbe-bleue  (NP) 4-14 abr; Toulouse, Théâtre du Capitole
Eggert, Moritz (*1965)
M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder A serial killer is hunted across a city by the underworld, but how responsible is he for his murders?  (WP) 5 may-26 jun; Komische Oper Berlin
Enescu, George (1881-1955)
Oedipe  6-25 dic; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Enna, August (1859-1939)
Kleopatra  1 mar; Aarhus, Danish National Opera
Furrer, Beat (*1954)
Violetter Schnee  (WP) 13-31 ene; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
García-Tomás, Raquel (*1984)
Je suis narcissiste  (WP) 7-10 mar; Teatro Real de Madrid
Gervasoni, Stefano (*1962)
Com que voz  (WP) 26-28 oct; Teatro Real de Madrid
Giordano, Umberto (1876-1948)
Fedora  26-28 oct; Lecce, Teatro Politeama Greco
Mala vita  19 oct-3 nov; Wexford Festival Opera
Glanert, Detlev (*1960)
Oceane Opera based on Fontane's unfinished novella of a mysterious woman from the sea attempting to fit into human society.  (WP) 28 abr-24 may; Deutsche Oper Berlin
Glass, Philip (*1937)
Satyagraha  20 oct-11 nov; Los Angeles, LA Opera
Gluck, Christoph Willibald (1714-1787)
Alceste  (NP) 26 may-13 jun; München, Bayerische Staatsoper  18 jul; München, Münchner Opernfestspiele
Goebbels, Heiner (*1952)
Eislermaterial  7 sep; Oslo, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival
Gordon, Ricky Ian (*1956)
Twenty-Seven  23-31 mar; Montreal, L'Opéra de Montréal
Gotham, Nic (1959-2013)
Nigredo Hotel A brain surgeon who crashes his car takes refuge in a shoddy hotel run by a beautiful but crazed woman;  20-22 sep; City Opera Vancouver
Grey, Mark (*1967)
Frankenstein  8-20 mar; Bruxelles, La Monnaie/De Munt
Hamel, Micha (*1970)
Caruso a Cuba  (WP) 3-9 mar; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)
Agrippina  (concert) 16 may; Teatro Real de Madrid  (concert) 18 may; Barcelona, Gran Teatre del Liceu  (concert) 29 may; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées  (NP) 23-30 jul; München, Münchner Opernfestspiele
Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno  (concert) 27 ene; Opéra Royal de Versailles  18-20 abr; Malmo, Malmö Opera
Poro  (NP) 16 mar-25 jun; Komische Oper Berlin
Rodelinda  (concert) 10 dic; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées  2-15 mar; Barcelona, Gran Teatre del Liceu
Saul  (NP) 27 oct; Theater Münster
Hasse, Johann Adolf (1699-1783)
Artaserse  (NP) 29 nov-5 dic; Sydney, Opera Australia  29 nov-7 dic; Sydney, Pinchgut Opera
Heggie, Jake (*1961)
It's a Wonderful Life A suicidal George Bailey wishes that he had never been born, and his guardian angel shows him how many people would be affected as a consequence. 'No man is a failure who has friends'  (NP) 17 nov-9 dic; San Francisco Opera
Moby-Dick  9-24 feb; San Jose CA, Opera San Jose
Three Decembers  8-10 mar; San Diego Opera
Hervé, (1825-1892)
Mam'zelle Nitouche  10-13 ene; Opéra de Lausanne  11-19 may; Toulouse, Théâtre du Capitole
Holten, Bo (*1948)
Schlagt sie tot! An opera about Martin Luther  (WP) 11 may-1 jun; Malmo, Malmö Opera
Howard, Brian
Metamorphosis  (NP) 26-29 sep; Sydney, Opera Australia
Janáček, Leos (1854-1928)
From the House of the Dead  19-26 oct; München, Bayerische Staatsoper  6-17 nov; Bruxelles, La Monnaie/De Munt
Jarrell, Michael (*1958)
Bérénice Though the emperor Titus and Queen Bérénice of Palestine love each other, the Romans are unhappy at the idea of a foreign queen, and Titus puts his duty to Rome first  (WP) 29 sep-17 oct; Opéra National de Paris
Kálmán, Charles (*1929)
Die Herzogin von Chicago  (NP) 20 oct-20 ene; Oper Leipzig
Operetta King Imre Kalman  (WP) 9 ene-27 abr; Tallinn, Estonian National Opera
Knussen, Oliver (*1952)
 Faber Music
Where the Wild Things Are  24 ene-7 abr; Dusseldorf, Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Krenek, Ernst (1900-1991)
Jonny spielt auf  (NP) 24 ene-20 mar; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Karl V  (NP) 10-23 feb; München, Bayerische Staatsoper  14 jul; München, Münchner Opernfestspiele
Künneke, Eduard (1885-1953)
Der Vetter aus Dingsda  26 oct; Landestheater Detmold
Kurtág, György (*1926)
Fin de partie World premiere of the staged version;  (WP) 15-25 nov; Milano, Teatro alla Scala  6-10 mar; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Kuusisto, Ilkka (*1933)
Jää A young priest settles on a remote Finnish island with his family, but he doesn't know how to read the beautiful but treacherous ice.  (WP) 25 ene-9 mar; Helsinki, Finnish National Opera
Lang, David (*1957)
The Loser Two piano prodigies at a master class encounter an even greater talent: the virtuoso Glenn Gould, on the cusp of superstardom;  22-23 feb; Los Angeles, LA Opera
Langdon, Julian
Lorelei Three composers, three singers and a siren song where ancient myth meets modern woman. 'I like my men like I like my whiskey...on the rocks';  3-10 nov; Melbourne, Victorian Opera
Lange, Marius Felix (*1968)
Die Schneekönigin  21 sep-9 dic; Dusseldorf, Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Schneewittchen  (NP) 9 mar-2 jun; Oper Leipzig
Legrenzi, Giovanni (1626-1690)
La divisione del mondo  13-14 abr; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Leoni, Franco (1864-1949)
L'Oracolo  19 oct-3 nov; Wexford Festival Opera
Lippa, Andrew (*1964)
The Addams Family  15 feb; Landestheater Detmold
Little, David T (*1978)
Soldier Songs The changing perceptions and realities of war  13 oct; Los Angeles, LA Opera  5-6 abr; Austin Opera
Lortzing, Albert (1801-1851)
Casanova  15 sep-7 oct; Oper Leipzig
Lully, Jean-Baptiste (1632-1687)
Armide  (concert) 1 abr; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
MacRae, Stuart (*1976)
Anthropocene The award-winning team behind The Devil Inside returns with a gripping new work.;  (WP) 24-26 ene; Glasgow, Scottish Opera // 31 ene-2 feb; Edinburgh // 7-9 feb; London
Maderna, Bruno (1920-1973)
Satyricon  (NP) 13-20 oct; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Martinů, Bohuslav (1890-1959)
 Schott Music
Juliette  (NP) 13 abr-12 may; GöteborgsOperan  (NP) 14 jun; ND Brno
The Comedy on the Bridge  23 mar-17 abr; Malmo, Malmö Opera
Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945)
Silvano  (concert) 14 abr; Glasgow, Scottish Opera
Massenet, Jules (1842-1912)
Cendrillon  2 nov-28 dic; Komische Oper Berlin  (NP) 1 dic-20 ene; Lyric Opera of Chicago
Don Quichotte  (NP) 20 sep-30 nov; Stockholm, Folkoperan  (NP) 30 may-18 jun; Deutsche Oper Berlin
Mercadante, Saverio (1795-1870)
Il bravo  21 oct-2 nov; Wexford Festival Opera
Meyerbeer, Giacomo (1791-1864)
Les Huguenots  (NP) 28 sep-24 oct; Opéra National de Paris  (NP) 29 jun-13 jul; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Robert le diable  (concert) 2-5 abr; Bruxelles, La Monnaie/De Munt
Mitterer, Wolfgang (*1958)
Schneewittchen Kinderoper für 4 Singstimmen und 7 Zwerge von Wolfgang Mitterer nach Engelbert Humperdinck  (NP) 13 mar-7 abr; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Moultaka, Zad (*1967)
Delirio Clori investigates Tirso's disappearance in a reworking of Handel's solo cantata Il delirio amoroso  (WP) 4-13 jun; Deutsche Oper Berlin
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Apollo et Hyacinthus  (concert) 9 oct; Moscow, Helikon Opera
Muhly, Nico (*1981)
Marnie She has been running for so long, no one knows the real Marnie, least of all herself. Nico Muhly's second world premiere for ENO is based on the Winston Graham novel and the screenplay of the Hitchcock film.  (NP) 19 oct-10 nov; New York, The Metropolitan Opera
Muñiz, Jorge (*1974)
Fuenteovejuna  (WP) 9-15 sep; Ópera de Oviedo
Musorgsky, Modest Petrovich (1839-1881)
Sorochinskaya yarmarka  9 may-12 jun; Komische Oper Berlin
Niedermeyer, Louis
Marie Stuart  (NP) 20-27 oct; Zurich, Oper im Knopfloch
Nyman, Michael (*1944)
Letters, Riddles and Writs  (NP) 4 abr-28 may; Praha, National Theatre Prague
O'Regan, Tarik (*1978)
The Phoenix The many lives of Lorenzo da Ponte, Mozart's librettist, bankrupt, grocer, impresario;  (WP) 26 abr-10 may; Houston Grand Opera
Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880)
Maître Péronilla  (concert) 1 jun; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Pépito  3 nov-27 abr; The Dallas Opera
Vent du soir  (NP) 14 dic-26 ene; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Penella, Manuel (1880-1939)
El gato montés  27 abr-19 may; Los Angeles, LA Opera
Pepusch, Johann Christoph (1667-1752)
The Beggar's Opera  11-13 ene; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Perla, Jack
An American Dream The conflict between a US soldier and an interned Japanese family at the end of WW2  15-17 mar; Lyric Opera of Chicago
Portman, Rachel (*1960)
The Little Prince  (NP) 19-27 ene; Salt Lake City, Utah Opera
Previn, Andre (*1929)
A Streetcar named Desire  10 oct-13 abr; Tallinn, Estonian National Opera
Prokofiev, Sergey (1891-1953)
Betrothal in a Monastery  (NP) 13-22 abr; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
War and Peace  (NP) 15-29 sep; Cardiff, Welsh National Opera
Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924)
Edgar  (concert) 28 oct; Glasgow, Scottish Opera
Puts, Kevin (*1972)
Silent Night  10-25 nov; Washington National Opera  30 nov-7 dic; Leeds, Opera North  26 ene-3 feb; Austin Opera
Puur, Rasmus
The Colours of Clouds Why did the exodus of Estonians during the Second World War and the Soviet occupation continue once independence was won? Why do caring and unity vanish so quickly to be replaced by the 'everyone for themselves' principle? The story of one typical family.  11 oct-13 abr; Tallinn, Estonian National Opera
Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Hippolyte et Aricie  (NP) 25 nov-8 dic; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden  (concert) 20 may; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Pigmalion  25 oct-3 nov; Toronto, Opera Atelier
Platée  (NP) 6-29 abr; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Ramström, Johan (*1965)
Orlando The music in Orlando is based on and freely inspired by Georg Friedrich Handel's opera Orlando; Text by Sophie Helsing;  (WP) 4 may-2 jun; Stockholm, Royal Swedish Opera
Rantala, Iiro (*1970)
Pikaparantola  (WP) 27 sep-1 nov; Helsinki, Finnish National Opera
Rebel, François (1701-1775)
Pirame et Thisbé  (concert) 6 sep-16 oct; Moscow, Helikon Opera
Reynolds, James (*1953)
Geisterritter Junge Opern Rhein-Ruhr;  (NP) 19 jun-10 jul; Dusseldorf, Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Ripper, João Guilherme (*1959)
Piedade  25 ago-2 sep 2018; Buenos Aires, Teatro Colón
Rossini, Gioachino (1792-1868)
L'occasione fa il ladro  (concert) 26 may; Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Tancredi  19-25 oct; Bari, Fondazione Lirico Sinfonica Petruzzelli
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Le Devin du village  21-22 jun; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Saariaho, Kaija (*1952)
Only the sound remains  (NP) 23 oct-9 nov; Teatro Real de Madrid
Sacrati, Francesco (1605-1650)
La finta pazza  16-17 mar; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Salieri, Antonio (1750-1825)
Tarare  (concert) 22 nov; Opéra Royal de Versailles
Sankaram, Kamala
Taking Up Serpents 25-year-old Kayla is forced to confront her upbringing when she is dangerously bitten by a snake belonging to her fire-and-brimstone preaching father.;  (WP) 11-13 ene; Washington National Opera
Scarlatti, Alessandro (1660-1725)
Il primo omicidio  (NP) 24 ene-23 feb; Opéra National de Paris  (concert) 2 mar; Amsterdam, Het Concertgebouw
Schnyder, Daniel (*1961)
Charlie Parker's Yardbird A 'be-bopera' expedition into the mind, heart, and personal purgatory of Charlie Parker  27-30 sep; Atlanta Opera
Schoenberg, Arnold (1874-1951)
 Schott Music
Die glückliche Hand  (NP) 18-27 nov; Teatro Massimo di Palermo
Moses und Aron  (NP) 29 sep-15 oct; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Schreier, Anno (*1979)
Schade, dass sie eine Hure war Opera based on John Ford's play of incest and murder, 'Tis Pity She's a Whore;  (WP) 16 feb-17 mar; Dusseldorf, Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Smetana, Bedřich (1824-1884)
Dalibor  (NP) 27 jun-4 jul; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Libuse  (NP) 7 sep; ND Brno  (NP) 14 sep-12 may; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Spontini, Gaspare (1774-1851)
Le metamorfosi di Pasquale Farsa giocosa per musica, Venezia, Teatro San Moisè, 16 gennaio 1802; Libretto: Giuseppe Foppa;  (NP) 22 sep; Jesi, Festival Pergolesi Spontini
Staern, Benjamin (*1978)
Snödrottningen  15 dic-19 ene; Malmo, Malmö Opera
Steffani, Agostino (1654-1728)
Orlando generoso  9-16 jun; Boston Early Music Festival
Stockhausen, Karlheinz (1928-2007)
Donnerstag aus Licht  (NP) 15-19 nov; Paris, Opéra-Comique
Straus, Oscar (1870-1954)
Die Perlen der Cleopatra  6 dic-20 ene; Komische Oper Berlin
Eine Frau, die weiss, was sie will!  13 ene-31 mar; Komische Oper Berlin
Stravinsky, Igor (1882-1971)
 Schott Music
L'histoire du Soldat  (NP) 28-30 sep; Opéra de Lausanne
Mavra  (NP) 15-28 abr; München, Bayerische Staatsoper
Stucky, Steven (1949-2016)
The Classical Style  (NP) 4 abr-28 may; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Szymanowski, Karol (1882-1937)
Król Roger  (NP) 16 mar-23 abr; Stockholm, Royal Swedish Opera
Tesori, Jeanine (*1961)
The Lion, the Unicorn, and Me Family Holiday Opera about the first Christmas from the point of view of the donkey that was chosen from all of the animals to be present in the stable.  14-16 dic; Washington National Opera
Toch, Ernst (1887-1964)
 Schott Music
Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse Ab 6 Jahren;  20 dic-20 ene; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Valtinoni, Pierangelo (*1959)
Der Zauberer von Oz  (NP) 28 oct-26 dic; Komische Oper Berlin
Van Parys, Annelies (*1975)
Usher  (WP) 12-30 oct; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Venables, Philip (*1979)
4.48 Psychosis  (NP) 26 abr-10 may; Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper
Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901)
Giovanna d'Arco  (concert) 14-20 jul; Teatro Real de Madrid
I lombardi alla prima crociata  19-28 ene; Bilbao, Asociación Bilbaína de Amigos de la Ópera
Un giorno di regno Artisti del 56° Concorso Internazionale Voci Verdiane Città di Busseto e dell'Accademia Verdiana;  28 sep-19 oct; Teatro Regio di Parma
Viardot, Pauline (1821-1910)
Cendrillon  (NP) 23-28 nov; Opéra de Lausanne
Vinci, Leonardo (1690-1730)
Siroe re di Persia  (NP) 3-6 nov; Napoli, Teatro di San Carlo
Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741)
Juditha Triumphans  26 ene-7 feb; Amsterdam, De Nationale Opera
Vivier, Claude (1948-1983)
Kopernikus  (NP) 11-13 dic; Toulouse, Théâtre du Capitole  (NP) 18 ene-2 feb; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Wagner, Richard (1813-1883)
Faszination Wagner  (WP) 25-26 oct; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Rienzi, der letzte der Tribunen  5 abr-10 may; Deutsche Oper Berlin
Wainwright, Rufus (*1973)
Hadrian  (WP) 13-27 oct; Toronto, Canadian Opera Company (COC)
Wajsar, Petr (*1978)
Tramvestie  (WP) 18 abr-23 jun; Praha, National Theatre Prague
Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)
 Schott Music
Street Scene  (NP) 22 dic; Theater Münster
Widmann, Jörg (*1973)
 Schott Music
Babylon  (NP) 9-24 mar; Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Zemlinsky, Alexander (1871-1942)
Der Zwerg  (NP) 24 mar-12 abr; Deutsche Oper Berlin

133 composers, 170 works (of which 26 are WP)

Chronological list of world premieres in the 2018/19 season:
sep 09 : Ópera de Oviedo. Muñiz: Fuenteovejuna (9-15 Sep)
sep 27 : Finnish National Opera, Helsinki. Rantala: Pikaparantola (27 Sep-1 Nov)
sep 29 : Opéra National de Paris. Jarrell: Bérénice (29 Sep-17 Oct)
oct 06 : Kungliga Operan, Stockholm. Bohlin: Tristessa (6 Oct-1 Nov)
oct 12 : Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin. Van Parys: Usher (12-30 Oct)
oct 13 : Canadian Opera Company, Toronto. Wainwright: Hadrian (13-27 Oct)
oct 25 : National Theatre Prague, Praha. Wagner,Richard: Faszination Wagner (25-26 Oct)
oct 26 : Teatro Real de Madrid. Gervasoni: Com que voz (26-28 Oct)
nov 15 : Teatro alla Scala, Milano. Kurtág: Fin de partie (15-25 Nov)
ene 09 : Estonian National Opera, Tallinn. Kálmán: Operetta King Imre Kalman (9 Jan-27 Apr)
ene 11 : Washington National Opera. Sankaram: Taking Up Serpents (11-13 Jan)
ene 13 : Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin. Furrer: Violetter Schnee (13-31 Jan)
ene 24 : Scottish Opera, Glasgow. MacRae: Anthropocene (24-26 Jan)
ene 25 : Finnish National Opera, Helsinki. Kuusisto: Jää (25 Jan-9 Mar)
feb 09 : Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona. Casablancas: L'enigma di Lea (9-13 Feb)
feb 09 : Tampa. Coppola: Lady Swanwhite (9 Feb)
feb 16 : Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Dusseldorf. Schreier: Schade, dass sie eine Hure war (16 Feb-17 Mar)
mar 03 : De Nationale Opera, Amsterdam. Hamel: Caruso a Cuba (3-9 Mar)
mar 07 : Teatro Real de Madrid. García-Tomás: Je suis narcissiste (7-10 Mar)
abr 18 : National Theatre Prague, Praha. Wajsar: Tramvestie (18 Apr-23 Jun)
abr 26 : Houston Grand Opera. O'Regan: The Phoenix (26 Apr-10 May)
abr 28 : Deutsche Oper Berlin. Glanert: Oceane (28 Apr-24 May)
may 04 : Kungliga Operan, Stockholm. Ramström: Orlando (4 May-2 Jun)
may 05 : Komische Oper Berlin. Eggert: M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (5 May-26 Jun)
may 11 : Malmö Opera, Malmo. Holten: Schlagt sie tot! (11 May-1 Jun)
jun 04 : Deutsche Oper Berlin. Moultaka: Delirio (4-13 Jun)